Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Green Mountain State


I couldn’t write about this trip earlier because if I had, I promise that Emily would have sped up and headed North across the Gulf and the trip would have had to be postponed. And I’m not sure I would have handled that with much grace or maturity.

There is one reason I'm in Vermont. And that is mine and has been mine since February. I need the space and I need my friend. I need to let the grief out, let it breathe in her shadow and light. That will come.

As soon as I arrived, as soon as I saw their faces, I knew that this would also be a time of happiness, and the odd satisfaction and acceptance of life's continuation through death and birth. And in that, it's perfect. And these two angels of hers, well they've stolen my heart. Yet again.


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Sass said...

Absolutely adorable little girls. I love the curls