Thursday, July 28, 2005

Remnants from the land of sippy cups

When you spend any extended time with children of a young age, your vocabulary and tone tend to change. With my niece and nephew, I tried to keep aware of the tendency and divert it at the pass because I really do cringe at things said to children (and that the children repeat) such as, look at the baby puppy.

But that was several years ago that I was leading that mission, and on this recent trip to Vermont, I got all sucked in to the cutesy language of very young children and actually had fun rolling things out of my mouth that I would never say elsewhere. The problem is that now that I’m home, I’m having to mentally translate the baby talk to adult speak before opening my mouth.

For instance, in babyland, for whatever reason the girls have unique words (or sounds) for still water and carbonated water. Still water is Ay ya ya ya, and carbonated water is Dee ay ya ya ya.

So, yesterday when I was at the grocery store, while on my list I'd written Fizzy H2O, I was mentally scanning the aisles for, you got it, Dee ay ya ya ya.

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