Thursday, July 07, 2005

In the news

You may or may not know this but Houston has a rail system, yes we do. No, seriously we do. Oh wait, system implies something like several lines or tracks or even trains that, I don't know, maybe trains that have stations and that connect with other trains that move commuters from home to work and back. No, we do not have a rail system. What we do have is a train that moves from downtown through the Medical Center to our Sports/Concert stadium, and back. Because, as most people know, that's exactly where the heaviest traffic is in a major city, between the stadium and downtown. And it's a good thing it goes through the medical center because the trains hit so many cars (driven by sign-ignoring fools, but Texas drivers are another story) that they could build a special section on the back and throw a few gurneys in there and just drop off the injured at the hospital of their choice along the way.

Anyway, the tv is on right now and a few minutes ago there was a local Breaking News segment in which the news crew let us, the citizens of Houston, know that safety crews have checked the Metro trains and found no problems (bombs). We are assured that our trains are safe.

Okay, let's be serious here. It's terrible what the terrorists did in London and I would not make light of that. Understandably, New York is checking their trains, Boston as well, and in San Francisco, I imagine they're going over the BART pretty thoroughly. But Houston? That is a joke. It's jumping in the photo when you don't belong there, it's interrupting the speaker to compare a story that has absolutely no connection. Like a really bad joke, it's wrong and hilarious at the same time. In this case, the key word is joke.


Sass said...

Funny Lady.

They should be focusing on the ship channel

tinyhands said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing all day. Guess I don't have to post tonight, I can just redirect to yours.