Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Like air freshener, with a mop and a couch attached

Every now and then, if you are lucky, you might find that someone will listen to you. And you might find that someone says that they just want to know you, faults and all, if you would just let them know. And they remind you when you do that they are there because they are your friends, and they love you.

I feel pretty lucky to receive what I got last night. Lucky enough to know that no matter what I do, a friend is there to at least try and understand.

As much as I preach honesty, I've failed lately when it comes to my own reflection. I've held accountability to the mirror of hypocrisy, to be sure, but not so with honesty. Last night I sat with two people who reminded me that even when we mess up, there are some friends who choose to stick around.

Why? Because they can see the best of me and, because of that, they are willing and actually wanting to understand when I put forth the worst. I cannot scare them, they know me, they love me.

Isn't that amazing?

To them I say again, but this time here, Thank you.

And, in unfortunate JIB speak, to them I also say this: salad vinegar does work the same as malt vinegar.

Ha! Imagine that.

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Sass said...

What would we do with out them in our lives? Ya know, i don't ever want to find out.

This being unemployed crap is exhausting. My fingers are going numb from hitting send.