Monday, April 27, 2009

Later we met at an Irish pub and everyone brought pictures and stories

X - It's so good to see you!
O - You too!
X & O - [big strong hugs, broad smiles]
X - You look so happy, so well. I'm so happy to see your happiness
O - [much of the same]

X and O talk, catch up.

Tick tock tick tock

X - How is...?
O - [big silence... long silence...]
X - ???
O - Um, I didn't want to tell you, not so soon, but last night XX called me and he was found dead yesterday. He... he is dead.
X - But how, what happened?
O - We don't know yet.
X - ??
O - ...

X & O - Tears

X - [Through her tears] He was so good to me, always so nice to me.
O - He really cared about you.

X & O - Tears

X - ...
O - ...

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ghost said...

seems like alot of death lately.