Sunday, April 05, 2009

What I've learned

During lunch with a friend today, she commented on my "things to do while I can" list, which I'm building and posting here. She said to me that I've done so much already in my life, and then she suggested that I put forth something similar to the "What I've Learned So Far" column in Vanity Fair magazine. Immediately I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing. And as I was writing, I realized that the biggest lessons are the most simple.

Don't do anything you don't want to do (if you don't have to do it)
Don't take your parents for granted
Help others
Plant trees
Love, seriously love love love
Keep your mouth shut
Hold hands
Respect your elders
Give of yourself
Get a dog
Break up as gently as you fell in love
Art is personal - hold on to your opinion
Tip big
Leave the change
Get up when God wakes you
Listen to your Doctor
Make a difference for the better where and when you can
Clean up after yourself (and others if need be)
Never underestimate those things you don't understand
Remember that at one time you too had no idea

This is weird. I have two running lists. Things I know, and things I want to do. I think this is part of being unemployed. While not the same, the lists are similar in tone. What this exercise has shown me is that I like where I am and what I know, and I also like what I want to learn and where I want to go. Funny thing, life is, when you're sitting upon a pause.


Adam said...

That is a fine list.

ghost said...

and really, what else do you really need to know?