Monday, April 27, 2009

Leaving Las Vegas

I've been to Las Vegas a handful of times and each time I'm not unhappy to leave, not because I don't like Las Vegas but because I love it. I overly love it. And I manage to over do, over indulge, over shop and generally do what so many do in Vegas, which is to say that I go overboard. Which is why Vegas is one of those places where everyone who has been has an opinion of how long one should stay. Some can go for a week, some a weekend, but the most common preferred duration that I hear is three nights. Which is what we did, though we had four full days there. I waited until that fourth day to do my over-the-top-ness, which I've pinpointed the beginning to be when I had a mimosa while playing poker as my friend slept in late. Both are equally easy to do in Vegas, sleep in or have a mimosa in the morning, as keeping track of time in that city is near impossible. As the day progressed, I sipped by the pool, sipped while shopping, sipped by a water wall and sipped in the room. Naturally clumsy, I don't need assistance when it comes to doing the tango with gravity and so much sipping left me tripping. Literally tripping. And while normally what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, yours truly is sporting two strawberries on her forehead as a result of that sipping and tripping because in my case, too much sipping + tripping = FALLING ON MY FACE. And that particular fact of what happened in Vegas simply cannot stay in Vegas since I'm wearing it on my forehead.

Other mementos that traveled home with me, intentional mementos that is, include some cool lighters, a coffee mug and a great grey polo and royally red program from Elton John's show.

I took these photos from the plane during takeoff as we began our journey home. And this, my friends, will be the end of my words and photos from my trip to Las Vegas. (Trip? Did I just type that? No pun intended there, seriously.)

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ghost said...

its cool. dudes dig scars.