Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gardenia beauty

This flower is from one of two potted gardenias my friend gave me for my birthday a couple years ago. I love the smell of the blooms as much as I love the contrast of the bright white flowers against the glossy green leaves. About every three days this time of year, I clip a flower and put it in a vase beside my bed, and just before I turn out the light I breathe in the glorious scent. It's a nice stepping stone on the path of a good night's sleep.

May 09 131


CreekHiker said...

Gardenias are one of my favorites for scent - along with tuberoses and a rose called Heirloom. Combined, they are the most amazing scent.

ghost said...

ive always been partial to dandelions. yes, i know they are a weed.

Duly Inspired said...

Ghost - Dandelions are wish-granters! A favorite of mine as well.