Sunday, May 10, 2009

Him, her, her and me

Today is my father's birthday. I'm missing him something fierce today but I'm also happy and dancing and feeling joy because I love him. It's the funny man I'm thinking about today, the joker, the schemer, the story-teller. That man lived life to the highest and he enjoyed every minute. He also loved to fish, and was very good at it.

img016 (3)

Today is also Mother's Day. I embrace not only my mother today, but also her mother. Great women, both. From them I learned to read. I learned words and sentences and an affinity for crossword puzzles. I learned how to hold myself, how to sit, cross my legs, and what fork to use. I learned to stand on my own and to never back down from my beliefs. I learned that women can be anything they want to be, and I learned to have fun.

img017 (2)

All three of these people, my father, my mother, my Grandmother, loved me very much. I'm so grateful for that gift. So very grateful. I'm a very lucky girl, I am.

img016 (2)

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Lovely, lively photos!