Friday, May 22, 2009


There's a lot I need to do today and yet I'm sitting here on my couch, sipping coffee and watching the Today Show as if I have all the time in the world to get those things done. I need to pack a bag, and pack Cheyenne's food, bowls and treats. I need to pack the water toys, bug spray and chairs. I need to go to Costco and get the groceries. I need to return something to the Gap. I need to have all of this done and be ready to head out by 2:00 for a three-day weekend.

Where am I going? San Marcos. I've rented a house on the San Marcos river and over the next three days and nights, that house will be filled with my niece and her boyfriend, my nephew and his girlfriend, and friends of mine who are like Aunts to them, and of course since we're all dog-lovers, a whole pack of pups! There will be swimming and tubing and grilling and Scrabble. There will be laughter and music and love. There will be a lot of high-SPF sunblock, and there will be photos.

There will also be three days of disconnect from the internet.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. And please pause for a moment on Monday to remember those who have sacrificed their lives for this country.


Life at Star's Rest said...

Say hi to the San Marcos river for me! I've spent many, many wonderful hours in an inner tube, floating in those waters with friends. Have a great weekend! Carmon

Adam said...

Memorial Day will not be overlooked here. Have a great weekend!