Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A brief respite, part II

It's easy to go to the cabin for just an afternoon, a night, a morning. Although I much prefer a long stretch of time there, it's not really necessary when it comes to shredding stress and recharging my batteries. Just 24 hours of its green trees and blue skies, the wide and slow Colorado river, the house that my parents built together, and I'm right with the world again.

As for Cheyenne, she runs her batteries into the ground when we are at the cabin, and it takes her a couple of days back home to get right with the world again.

Cabin May 09 002

I took this photo early this morning. The sun was over the trees, but the air was cool and the river was quiet, just the breeze moving across the water's reflective surface.

Cabin May 09 011

Cabin May 09 012

The fish were jumping, so Cheyenne could not completely relax, even though she played so hard the afternoon before that she was moving quite slowly this morning. As pained as she may have been when I snapped this photo, we must admit that the girl is a darn good model, yes?

Cabin May 09 027

This bench is one of many of my special spots at the cabin. I like to drink my morning coffee while sitting on this bench. I like to watch the birds flittering and fluttering though the enormous Live Oak tree that spreads its limbs across the porch, providing a blanket of soft shade and the oh-so-teasing dappled lighting.

Cabin May 09 033

My heaven is less than a hundred miles away.


ghost said...

i like your heaven. i need to find mine.

CreekHiker said...

Oh you lucky girls!