Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Evening of Cause - The MVP edition

It's hard to put the spotlight on a single MVP from Saturday's fundraiser. I just cannot do it. There were so many people who went way beyond in their efforts for our cause.

It is the woman who made a personal donation through the event site, who had her company donate an auction item, and who drove the live auction beyond our expectations by insisting that she be the one to win Yao Ming's signed jersey. Yes, she is definitely an MVP. Her name is Susan and she showed up all over the place for this fundraiser. Susan's smile and her heart are equally big and bright. Hers is a shining personality, and she laughs loud and often. It's one of my favorite sounds.

Another MVP is Joel Limley. He's a professional auctioneer and he's also a big-hearted, nice-guy cowboy who wears a Texas flag tie and who donated his voice and his skill, not to mention his time, for the live auction portion of our event. He's the kind of guy who stands up and tips his hat when you and he are introduced. One of my friend's asked me later, Where can I find a man like that? He's a thrill to watch and hear and he's so animated when he does his job that only one of my pictures was in focus enough to include.

Stevens Event 130

Then there was the band. The band was A Dog Named Leo and they stepped in at the last minute when the originally planned for band stepped out at the last minute. I only knew one of the band members and hadn't seen or spoken to him in over seven years. He did not hesitate when we spoke. He pulled together his friends, recruited some others, and they all donated their time and equipment to our cause. And they were great! Their song selections were great, their volume was perfect and they not only tolerated but encouraged their new number one fan's obsession with their music and their equipment.

Stevens Event 188

MVPs were also each one of my committee members. This is a talented and generous lot. They know how to organize and get things done. They know how to ask for what is needed and they know how to deliver the goods. They also know how to make work fun. Carol, Carrie, Chris, Jacqui and Sharon. All MVPs.

Two other MVPs come to mind. Holly, whom I've never met personally but who is a internet friend of mine, a fellow blogger who read about our efforts here and contacted me with interest in donating a piece of her beading artwork for the auction. Sandy, another fellow blogger whom I've not met, sent me a similar note and then followed up with a package of her handmade jewelry. Both of these women are loaded with talent and their contributions helped us surpass our goal.

When I think about it, everyone was an MVP. All the friends who clicked on the PayPal button on the event site, all the friends who donated items for auction, all the friends and family who showed up at the event, and all those who bid and bid again and then raised their bid at the silent and live auctions.

Without you, we could not have succeeded.

There are moments in my life, moments when the Lord asks, what difference are you making, what are you doing with the gifts I've given you? I don't always have an answer, or a positive one, but sometimes I do. This event is one of those times. We all made a difference. We all used our gifts to help another. I believe that when we do this, when we join hands to help others, we are at our very best. We are all MVPs.


maxngabbie said...

I truly believe from the bottom of my heart, it is a responsibility to use our gifts and talents to honor God. Because you know this, is probably why you are still basking in the beauty of what went down Saturday night. It feels good, doesn't it? Because your eyes are "wide open" you see not only the amount of money that was raised for the family...you see a much bigger picture Alison, and no doubt, your heart was touched by the beauty of it all.
I do hope you and the other organizers take some respite after this event, bask and reflect, and then repeat.
I did this one time in my life, and it took me a week to recover;)
I pray the family of Martin is doing well.

CreekHiker said...

Alison, From the first time I read your blog, I was touched by your big, open heart. You love with so much of yourself and you share it with all of us. I was honored to be a tiny part of this and I will continue to keep the Stevens family in my prayers.

And Alison, THANK YOU for your HUGE part in this!