Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, moving slow

Yesterday, Cheyenne and I went to visit her strappingly handsome boyfriend, Isaac. He had another girl, Bella, over already but Cheyenne didn't seem to mind that. The more, the merrier seems to be the motto with these dogs.


Although Cheyenne's personal addition to the more, the merrier seems to be, so long as the ball is mine.


Unfortunately for Cheyenne, and more unfortunate for Isaac, that's also Bella's personal addition.


As usual, because Isaac is such a gentleman and an excellent host, he accepted with good measure that his two guests were not going to allow him to get the ball often. When he was able to get the ball, well, Cheyenne would address that situation real quick with a body slam, ear nipping, or near drowning.

Cheyenne is not a very considerate guest.

But she was a happy one, that's for sure.


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CreekHiker said...

What a fun, fun day they had!