Monday, September 14, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

You might be asking yourself, Where is the new website featuring Donald's photographs? Up until yesterday, it was in the works. Yesterday I received an email from the site designer I was working with and for unfortunate personal reasons, she regretfully had to quit the project. I wish her the best and her family is in my prayers. Square one, back to.

Adding to my challenges with Donald's photographs is that I'm having some trouble with Flickr, trouble as in I forgot my log-in and my password. Deleting the cookies on my laptop might not have been the best idea. I uploaded the photo to the left straight from my laptop, using Blogger's upload feature, the only thing about which I like is the ability to upload to the left, center or right of text.

Why post a photo of my kitchen sink? Because the plumber is here right this minute installing a new one. The sink in the picture is white porcelain, which means that I'm forever dealing with stains. On top of that, porcelain is not very strong, and the sink has several chips, though not visible here. I've had it with that sink and when the garbage disposal went kaput last week, I decided to rid both from my life. So on Saturday my friend and I wandered the sink and faucet aisles at Lowe's. Not ever having given sinks much thought, I really had no idea the decisions that lay before me. Material, size, double sink, single sink, depth, faucet style. Before yesterday I had no idea that faucets were sold separately, or that strainers /drains were sold separately. But I can tell you this: I am the proud owner of an eight-inch deep stainless steel double sink. It's the bold look of Kohler, baby, and it came with a free cutting board, where by free, Kohler actually means costs very much.

Here's another picture uploaded straight from my laptop. It's also uploaded straight from the here and now of my life. I've been holding off on sharing this but now that I've embarked on the first step of the journey, I can talk about it. Assuming I make a good score on this beast of an exam, I plan to return to school in January for my Masters degree in Communication. For now, I'm in school to study for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). The test is three parts, including writing two essays and vocabulary. But it's the third part that makes me view this as an enormous hurdle to clear, that's splitting my head open and sending it spinning off my shoulders: Math. I've never been good at math; it is a completely foreign language to me. I always get frustrated and either rush through it, over-think it or shut down on it completely, more often than not resulting in getting it all wrong. Math sent me to summer school for two summers in high school and when I hit college I took no risks by taking my required math courses Pass/Fail. But now I'm eyeing math as the one thing standing between me and my goal of getting into grad school. So in addition to spending the next eight weeks attending prep school for the test, I can also be found in weekly math boot camp sessions. Math and I meet again. This time, I'm going to win.

Oh look! The plumber is finished! Before I sign off and miserably reacquaint myself with studying fractions and their numerator, denominator and reciprocal madness, check out my shiny new sink with free cutting board.


ghost said...

i like the sink. not so much the math. good luck.

Anonymous said...

Love the sink and math, but I am a hardware/engineer nerd. For the math don't think of it as math as they did back in school, all this is seeing patterns to beat the test. If you are taking the Princeton review GRE course they should be drilling this. BTW took the GRE once myself and nearly crumbled on the vocabulary, unfortunatley there were no tricks for language depth.

CreekHiker said...

You brave, brave girl. The only thing that keeps me from getting another math!

Lilla said...

Kudos to you for going to grad school and good luck with the math. I am not a fan of math either. Or Chemistry. Or Physics. That's why my degree is in Special Ed and not Physical Therapy, as I had originally planned!

Love the sink and the FREE cutting board!

Soulful said...

Whenever you get stressed by your studies run to the kitchen and stare at your beautiful, shiney sink - and lovely free cutting board. That should take all your pain away.

Cheekey said...

Congrats on the sink and grad school. Exciting!