Saturday, September 19, 2009

Of this lovely Saturday

Walking downstairs this morning and seeing my niece sleeping soundly on the couch - warm and wonderful, blooming love

Driving to El Rey with my niece, both of us in our pajamas, for breakfast tacos and fresh squeezed orange juice - silly and comforting

Running errands with her, buying her some new jeans - happy and parental

Walking through Whole Foods, wandering the aisles because we love to look and smell and marvel at all of it - discovery and wonder

Lunch of sushi and completely unnecessary key lime tart for me, and for her, cheesecake tart - lavish and delectable

Watching her drive away towards her brother's house and then later back to Austin - a smile, a thump thump thump in my heart, a tickle in my throat

Getting ready for a dear friend's birthday party at her house this evening - excitement, happy, life is good

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ghost said...

sounds amazing.