Tuesday, September 08, 2009

What's that sound? It's time flying by

Twenty-three years ago this evening, a rising moon quietly grew in the sky, casting shadows across the brick exterior of a county hospital in south Texas. Inside that hospital on that evening, a baby girl was born. That little girl is one of the brightest lights in my life. The first time I held her, she wrapped her tiny fingers around my heart and she hasn't let go since.

Fast forward to now where she is a senior in college and I'm sitting on my couch scratching my head because wasn't that moonlit night just last week?

Happy birthday Peanut! Your Aunt loves you very much and would like to request that you slow down the speed of time. Okay?


maxngabbie said...

Please let me in on the secret if she figures out how to do that...I'd love to know...

ghost said...

im working on a time control device as we speak.