Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Something, someone and The Winner

In a box wrapped in tissue paper placed in a bag and set on my doorstep Tuesday afternoon was this necklace, with a wonderful note of support and encouragement for The Saint Veronica Project.


It was a wonderful surprise, a thoughtful gift from a generous and thoughtful person. I'm feeling very blessed these days.

Speaking of The Saint Veronica Project, remember the contest? Even though I went a different route for the site name, I still wanted someone to win an 8 x 10 of one of Donald's photographs. So this morning, I incorporated the ever-fair Random Number Generator and the winner was Comment No. 11. That's mccarthy281.

The Saint Veronica Project site will be launched in a couple of weeks. I'm working with an external designer for the site since the standard templates do not appeal to me and I have zero knowledge on creating my own design. I can't wait to go live with all of this!


Cheekey said...

Congratulations to Number 11! Looking forward to seeing the site.

Donna said...

Me too...and what a great name you came up with!