Friday, May 28, 2010


Whether or not I agree with the leaders that lead us into conflict, by action or reaction, I do believe that on Memorial Day, it is my duty as a citizen of my country to take time and reflect on those men and women who willingly gave up their lives for this country, this flawed yet oh so beautiful country.  Freedom is something we take for granted, and it's because of the brave souls in the military that we are able to do so. 

I whisper to you, Thank you.  Thank you so very much.


(Photo credit not given, because none available)


ghost said...

i read that obama was not going to be performing the tradition honoring the soldiers buried at the tomb of the unknown soldier this year, and it made me see red. this isnt a political comment. i don't care if he's republican or democrat or martian. seems to me this speaks more about him as a man than a president.

shellyg said...

I like this piece. My views are simular, relating to how I feel about the actuall war, verses how feel about the brave men and women that are putting thier lives on the line. I am too, so very thankful for my freedom. As I look aroung the world, I know that I am blessed to be one of the "luck ones" that were born into this. Others fight and struggle, and yes even sneak across borders, just so they can enjoy what I did nothing to get.

As for Ghost's comment. I like our President, but yes, I'm sad to say that his choice to not follow tradition on this one is in very poor taste.