Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tumbalina takes a fall

I have such a love for ridiculous shoes, for shoes that are too platform, too wedge, shoes that reach too far into the too much.  I have a closet full of shoes that fit into this category.  I love to wear them with jeans, with skirts, with shorts.  I love to wear them in the car and I love to wear them on a plane.  I love to wear them when I'm in and I love to wear them when I'm out.  I remove them to sleep or bathe, that's pretty much it.

There's one little problem with this love affair:  I am not one who posesses coordination.

So, when you take something like these:

and you combine them with my flawed ability to maintain balance, and then toss in an inclined driveway, you get the makings for disaster.  The other day, that's just what I got. 

What happened was something like this:

Only, my ankle went the other way, outward. And I didn't remain standing.  And my legs aren't that long or pretty, especially not my knees.  Otherwise, that's a darn good representation.  At least you get the idea.

My fibula bone, the one I broke in November, sliding off a pair of flat flip-flops at the bottom of my stairs? Well, it re-broke, but worse than the first break. 

My mother used to tell me that I aways move two steps ahead of myself.  True words, those.

Surgery is May 10th.

There's a lesson here, and it's about shoes.  Whether flat or platform, I am incapable of safely wearing them. 

Or, perhaps I should slow two steps down?


Velvet Sacks said...

Oh, Alison, I'm so sorry. Breaking a leg once is too much, but twice? That's just not fair. Maybe you should cut down on the walking and take up skydiving or mountain climbing instead. At least the shoes are sturdier for those activities. Take care of yourself.

Oh, and why are they waiting so long to do the surgery?

Duly Inspired said...

Velvet, you've led me to an idea. I need a Segway! Oh, and the surgery date is so far out in order to allow the swelling to go down.

Velvet Sacks said...

A Segway AND a stair climber.

After the doctor made me stop wearing high heels, I went to Just the Right Shoe Collectibles to satisfy my longing for pretty shoes. It's not the same thing, of course, but each little four-inch thing of beauty helped to satisfy my longing.

CreekHiker said...

Alison, So sorry to read of your fall! May you mend quickly! And... take better care of yourself!

ghost said...

maybe its time to retire the ultra tall heel? just sayin...