Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The beginning of my day

After several months, my morning pattern in my new house has settled into a routine that I'm quite happy with. Following the bits that I manage to do without really being fully awake -- making the bed, brushing my teeth -- Cheyenne and I head down the stairs. I pour the remainder of my water glass into the ever-thirsty indoor plant at the bottom of the stairs, turn off the alarm and the porch lights, open the front door to let Cheyenne out, and get the newspaper from the front yard. I switch the coffee maker on, get Cheyenne's breakfast ready, then clean and fill her water bowl. While she inhales her meal and slurps up some water, I pour my coffee.  And then, the words that thrill Cheyenne to no end:

Wanna go for a walk, girl?  Wanna walk?

She circles me in excitement, all tail and butt wag while I put her collar on. The path of our morning walks are decided as we are walking. Sometimes I lead the way and sometimes Cheyenne takes the lead. Our walks are always a happy part of my day, especially this time of year when I discover new things that have changed since the last time we walked a certain sidewalk or passed a certain house. New paint, new flowers, a newly raked yard or painted fence, new growth on the trees.

This morning, we were out the door before 7:00, and that's the magic hour because the lighting is soft and gentle, a bit dreamy. Just like I like it.  So I brought my camera.







ghost said...

dreamy is such a good word.

Linda@VS said...

These are all great pictures, but the way the sun lights up that American flag is spectacular.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

A beautiful start to any day!