Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Three beauties

One of my favorite things about the Spring is that each year it delivers my dear friend and her family to Houston for a week. They pack their bags and leave frigid, snowy Vermont to relish in our warm temperature and cool breezes.  Then they leave and laugh at us when the temperature in Houston is in the high 90s and there's not a breeze to be found south of Kansas. Usually, I high tail it up to Vermont in July for the same kind of break from home's extreme weather. Last year though, I did not make the trip. So, I haven't seen my friend, her husband, or their two beautiful daughters in a year. A year is way too long not only because I miss my friend so much but also because those two girls of theirs have grown so much!   

Tuesday night we all met for an early dinner where we requested a patio table at one of their favorite restaurants. My nephew and his girlfriend joined us with their daughter (who turned five months yesterday!!!). What unfolded was a lovely evening shared with family and lifelong friends. An evening of deep connection and satisfaction.





CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Beauties indeed. You weave magic with your lens!

donna said...

ahhh, I can't believe how big they (all) are getting. Love these beauties and you as well.