Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of the weekend

My house was a house that had family in and out its doors all weekend. My niece was here and then the beach and then back here Saturday night. My nephew and his girlfriend were here and then the beach and then back here Sunday morning. My great niece was here for the weekend. On Sunday, everyone was here together. 


Yea for family togetherness!

Faith is eating solid foods now. Well, solid foods in the form of puree. And with solid foods, comes solid poop.  This is great news on the milestones calendar but... yeah, that.  What a mess!


Cheyenne is jealous of Faith, or the attention I give faith, or the feeding schedule that is Faith's. Okay, lets be real, it's the food.  Oh, the treats that Cheyenne was given over the weekend!  On a bottle-to-treat ratio, 1 to 5.  Okay, OKAY, Cheyenne was whining over it and even barked once. And I had my hands full.


On Sunday morning, Faith and I were sitting on my front porch when my niece Catherine woke up. I gently handed her niece to her and watched them discover each other. Faith smiled and cooed and Catherine said, Awwww. A lot. Then asked Catherine if she wanted to feed Faith and she said, But I don't know how to do it. I've never done it before. I smiled at her and told her, Before you, sweetie, I had never done it before either. And then I showed her how.  Then I stood back and watched my niece feeding her niece and my heart exploded into a million sparkling pieces of joy.


Before my niece left for Austin Sunday afternoon, she made her bed in the guestroom. I had no idea until, hours later when I went into the room because I was missing her and hoping I could find something she left behind. What I found was her courtesy and consideration.  And that? A very nice way to end the weekend.


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

What a gift - to have family you enjoy!

Linda@VS said...

The love just pours out of this post through your words and the smiles in the photos. Except for the picture of Cheyenne, of course, but I expect she'll come around in time.