Monday, August 11, 2008

Cute and yummy, the words that describe my weekend

On the way to my family's cabin this weekend, Cheyenne and her strappingly handsome boyfriend, Isaac, could not for the life of them find a way to get comfortable on the back seat of my friend's Suburban. One would stretch out and the other would be uncomfortable and look miserable, or in Cheyenne's case, nervous. Then they'd switch. The only time they were in complete agreement is in the photo to the right, when we'd arrived and they were sitting right beside each other in the center of the seat, facing backwards and eagerly waiting to be let out of the car and into the wild.

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I had plenty of photo opportunities over the weekend but right after snapping that photo on the right, my camera battery died and that was that. So, since I cannot share more photos with you, I'm going to tell you about something my friend brought into my life this weekend: Spicy Crackers. I seriously do not know how I've managed in my gastronomical life without their particular delight and yumminess. This recipe gives the lowly and bland saltine a swift kick in the back side and suddenly something out of this world happens to their taste and to my tastebuds. I'm going to share with you the recipe and then sometime very soon I want you to make these crackers and let me know what you think.


4 Sleeves fat-free crackers (I'm told that fat-free is key for this recipe as other crackers won't absorb the ingredients)
1 cup Canola oil
1 tsp. Garlic powder
1 - 4 tbsp. Red pepper flakes
1 pkg. Original Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix


Place crackers in four columns in a gallon Ziploc bag. In a small bowl mix oil, garlic powder, red pepper flakes and dressing mix. Combine well and drizzle over crackers. Close bag and turn several times to coat crackers. Continue to turn and lightly shake bag until mixture has been absorbed into crackers.

And guess what? That's it! And then you can open up that bag and dig in to the best crackers in the world. I admit that I haven't tasted all the crackers in the world, but I know that these are the best so don't argue with me. Trust me, you'll thank my friend for this.


CreekHiker said...

My cousin in Louisiana makes a similar recipe but uses the bite size oyster crackers.... OH, I can't get enough!!!! I think they are the best in the world!

Adam said...

You can also get a pound of bacon, cut the package in half, wrap regular crackers with a strip apiece, bake at 350 until the crackers start to brown...maybe 20 minutes. Those, my dear, are the BEST crackers!

Duly Inspired said...

Adam - I think that this is like the peanut butter and chocolate thing that Reeses has going for it. These two combined might be the perfect thing!