Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Checking in

Okay so here's the deal. I have photos I want to upload, photos from Vermont, fun photos, peaceful photos, photos I like. But Flickr and Picnik are not cooperating with me for some reason that takes skills beyond the set I possess to figure out. I just haven't been able to get here lately. It could be my worthless internet connection here at home. I've switched from AT&T to Comcast and still can't get a consistently strong connection. It could be that when I got home from Vermont, my house alarm key pad kept beep beep beeping every 20 seconds or two minutes or two hours, driving me into a mental frenzy until it was repaired by the nice repairman Monday morning. And guess what? My fridge died Saturday afternoon and I got to throw out about $300.00 worth of food from the freezer and fridge. That too was repaired on Monday. Did I mention that I've had this nasty cold that for two weeks now has been barely hanging on but hanging on enough to keep my head and chest full of enough stuff that keeps me coughing so much that today I coughed so hard that I had to run to the bathroom and throw up?

Details of nothing more than a hassle.

Earlier this evening I was sitting at a table on a patio along a busy Houston street. A heavy rain had come through shortly before but had calmed considerably. I was deep in discussion with a friend when I noticed a woman pushing her young child in a stroller. Her shirt was soaked, her jeans the dark blue of drenched. Pushing the stroller over a crack in the sidewalk and through the puddle that had gathered between, with her cell phone between her ear and her shoulder, for one moment she glanced at me, just a glance. I smiled. She rolled her eyes at the rain, returned the smile, walked on.

Details of nothing more than a hassle.


ghost said...

at least you could both smile.

CreekHiker said...

Hope you feel better soon!

I've got a story on my blog about a dog that needs help. I was inspired by your story of the neighbor dog a while back.