Saturday, August 16, 2008


August 16 003

This photo? It makes me laugh. It's where I had a manicure and pedicure a couple hours ago. My niece and my friend also had manicures and pedicures. The name of the place is d_partures Spa. Why the odd name? Do you notice anything in that photo, like perhaps the Continental logo on the tails of the several airplanes in the background? The salon is in Newark Liberty Airport. Once again, I tried to get to Burlington, Vermont, on an early flight out of Houston with a connect through Newark. Flight left Houston 45 minutes late. Connecting flight left Newark on time. Without me. Or my niece. Or my friend. As a matter of fact, we missed the flight after that as well.

Oh yes we did.

By the time we arrive, it will be 17 hours of travel-related displacement. But you know what? We've managed to have a really fun day today.


August 16 001


Network Geek said...

Things like this are why I always travel with a book and a PowerBar in my bag. And, when I did it for work, my laptop, even though it weighed a good 25 pounds, or more. I have a lighter laptop now, but I still instinctively seek outlets at the airport.

But, I admire that you can make flight delays fun, somehow, rather than something that's simply endured.

CreekHiker said...

That's the most fun layover I've ever heard of! Have a great weekend.