Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Taking pride out for a stroll

A week or so ago, Velvet tagged me with a meme that initially seemed simple enough. She wanted me to post six things I'm proud of. She thought I could complete the list in a short time and while these six things are the initial six that I wrote down, I've taken my time posting them because I wanted to think about exactly what made me feel that pride.

1. I am proud of my last name. When it comes to my parents, I feel that I drew the winning lottery ticket. I was adopted and I've never said that or written that without a good feeling about it, so this one is twofold. I have a certain pride for a woman you could argue I've met but never known, the woman who gave birth to me. What she did couldn't have been easy but she did it.

2. I'm proud that I was an integral part in raising my sister's children. I'm proud of the sacrifice I made years ago when I was called to do so. Ultimately that sacrifice enriched my life to degrees I couldn't have imagined.

3. I'm proud that my career continues to grow in the same company I've worked for 18 years. I'm proud that I am a Parnter in the company and that I work for a company and industry that I believe in.

4. I'm proud that I have a positive outlook in my life - and I'm proud of it because I worked for it. I see the silver lining, can see the best in someone or the positive in a situation. I am never without hope. Plenty of things can knock me down but I'll find the opportunity to grow and change while I'm down there and I always get back up a better person from my trials.

5. I'm proud of my friendships. Not a single one has been a walk in the park. I've worked hard for them, am very loyal to them, and my life is better for it.

6. Lastl but not least, I am proud of the lessons I've learned from my parents. I'm proud that I continue to apply them in my life and, in doing so, keep my parents and their many gifts and broad wisdom very close to me. They instilled much in me and for this one, I'm not only proud but also grateful.


CreekHiker said...

Great list!

I'm already stalking the newsstands for the next issue of BARK and wondering if there's any way to get Cheyenne's "pawtograph!" LOL!

Velvet Sacks said...

When I said you could probably list six things in about a minute, I was thinking about some of the very things that ended up on your list. I'm glad you took the time to explain them. Great list, Alison.