Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Home Improvement Fun

Until this afternoon, every time I did a load of laundry over the past couple of years, I would cringe. Not because I had to do laundry, though I'm not at all fond of that chore, but because my laundry area was such a mess. The lone shelf was too high for me to easily reach and the washing machine shakes so much that inevitably the detergent or softener or whatever I had put on top of it would fall off, and usually land in that oh-so-difficult to reach area behind the machine. Except for the liquid laundry detergent that fell off the front that one time and broke open when it hit the tile floor, leaving an oozing soapy mess all over the floor and under the washer and dryer, an oozing soapy mess that took me over an hour to clean. For a while, I put everything on top of the dryer but that was getting too crowded and cluttered for my liking.

Home Improvement 001

On Friday, I decided that enough was enough. I needed laundry organization, darnit, and that would start with a shelf. I was not going to wait another day. I took my ideas and a rough diagram of the area and measurements to Home Depot and a nice man named Elton helped me get all the things I'd need to turn my idea into reality.

This morning, with my new stud sensor Elton convinced me I should get and the laser level thingy my friend brought over along with breakfast tacos when she came to help me out, that shelf became a reality. And an organized laundry area has entered my life. Happy days!

Home Improvement 007

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ghost said...

that's very handy of you. but i don't think you can use the word thingy in the same post as home depot. bob villa will cry real tears.