Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kindred spirits

What I'll remember about Wednesday, the first full day of President Obama's term, long into my years, is the brief and hopeful we did it conversations with strangers, and reading the paper and the many voices of the internet. So very many of us claim him as ours. Even, graciously, those who did not vote for him seemingly pause in this sea of promise.

For all of us, there's a new dawn breaking. It's been a very long time since the country's mood was this good.

Walking through this day has been like dancing with an enormous mood of moving, breathing, rhythmic promise.

Best dance ever.


ghost said...

i wish it were so in my rascist red neck of the woods. i cant believe children ths young spew such venom for no other reason than they have heard their older relatives spewing rascist garbage.

Life at Star's Rest said...

I'm with you on this. What a lot of people don't seem to be getting is that it really isn't about *who* the man is or even *if* he can do what he hopes to do. It's about the fact that *we* created a change in our country that I didn't think would happen in my lifetime. That's where the real hope and joy comes from...we feel empowered again for the first time is so, so many years. Carmon

Duly Inspired said...

Ghost - One of the reasons I have enjoyed this site is that I've learned about teachers like you. We learn hate and racism, and then I think of you and your art and your faith and I think "well, he's unravelling that crap."

Carmon - Your words are so much better than mine. Indeed, empowered is exactly the word.

ghost said...

im trying. its a daily battle.

ponywriter said...

Your experience feels so innocent. I wish it had been the same here, but living right outside the DC beltway one loses a bit of the wonder of it all. As a Quaker I am disheartened to hear the bickering between sides, but very joyful at the prospect this man's intelligence and compassion bring to our country.
I heard a sermon on the radio the Sunday before the Inauguration when I was driving to see my parents. The preacher's voice wobbled, and sounded like Martin Luther King, Jr. His message was one of hope, but also caution. He reminded us that our new President is only one man. Thank God, he said, "Thank God we see the vision of hope in his face, and thank God we are ready to follow his lead ~ but the responsibility lies upon all of us, not just one."