Friday, January 30, 2009

Perfect timing

I've known one of my colleagues since he was on the same ice hockey team as my high school boyfriend. In one of those small world twists in life, he married the daughter of one of my mother's long-time colleagues. And now he and I work for the same company.

He walked into my office a couple minutes ago and said, Hey, we had dinner with my Mother-in-Law last night and she was talking about your Mom and said how much she missed her.

I smiled at him and thanked him for sharing that with me.

He went on though, She was telling us that for as long as she knew your mother, that your mother was the most ethical person she'd ever met. She said that your mother practiced her ethics and integrity her entire life. Is that true?

Yes, yes it is.

Wow, I only met your mother at my wedding but I think that's a cool thing, and it's a cool thing to have someone remember you that way. I wish I'd had more opportunity to know her.

And his saying that to me? She'd not be too keen on my using the word but I think cool is right.

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Soulful said...

And its a very cool thing that someone said it to you this week.