Sunday, January 04, 2009

Out with the old...

Last week, after more than a year of thinking it over and looking here and there and perusing many many catalogs, I finally acted on my decision to purchase a new couch, a new coffee table and a new bookshelf. These were to replace a 12-year old couch that was going to cost me upwards of $2,000.00 to have re-covered and re-stuffed; a coffee table I've had for 15 years that's an old door with a metal base created by a friend (the table now resides in my guest room); and the bookshelf I've had since 1987 and while it's in good condition, it's still a bookshelf given to me by an ex-boyfriend, and every time I look at it, I remember painting it green in my friend's driveway (it was gold!) and besides, it's too short and too narrow to accommodate my books. It was time for me to retire these things.


Cheyenne rested on the couch Saturday morning, unaware that I was waiting for her to get up so that I could haul the cushions downstairs to be picked up by the person to whom I gave the couch.

After the old couch was hauled downstairs by the movers, and I vacuumed the crazy amount of dog hair and other stray bits of this and that, that had been residing in the darkness there, the movers brought in the new couch and the new coffee table and I sprinted straight to living room decor nirvana.


The new bookshelf will be delivered mid-January and then this little living room of mine will be complete.


Cheyenne waited until today to acquaint herself with the new furniture. When I returned from church this morning, she'd knocked the pillows to the floor and was happily snoring away. Which makes me think that all I've really done is buy her a new dog bed.


Soulful said...

She really goes better with rich, dark leather than pale floral. She didn't have the heart to tell you but is sooo happy you figured it out for yourself and herself.

Nice work on the candles too.

CreekHiker said...

Of course! I want to see a picture of her with that doggie pillow!

It's a lovely sofa!

Shefy said...


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Velvet Sacks said...

Your new furniture is beautiful. You'll love the leather sofa; it's the only way to go when you have a big, hairy, indoor dog.

Life at Star's Rest said...

Love it! We got leather as well and enough room for two humans, three dogs and the occasional cat. Carmon