Saturday, January 24, 2009

Skipping over the obvious one

I got this challenge from Jane. The challenge is to list ten of your favorite things that begin with a certain letter that is assigned you by the blogger. Jane played this a couple weeks ago and offered a letter to any and all suckers willing to play. I volunteered to take a letter off her hands, but requested it not be V (because she did an outstanding job with V), nor did I want X or Z because while I'm fond of the zoo, I don't think I even know ten words that start with Z, or X.

Jane gave me O. Right now I'm thinking, oh how I wish I liked oranges.

Here I go:

Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark, better known as OMD -- A British 80's band that I enjoyed at the time and with XM Radio and iTunes, I've been reacquainted with their entire library, a little synth and a lot of drums, a deep voice and some not-so-deep lyrics, and the volume knob goes up and up.

Oak trees - Water Oaks, Pin Oaks, River Oaks, Live Oaks. Especially Live Oaks. I like finding acorns on the ground, and I like the shade the trees provide. I like the spread of their branches and I like how so very often we use mighty to describe the Oak tree.

Oats - Oats take me back to the days when horses were all my activity before and after school, all the decoration in my life, all the content of my dreams, all the posters in my room. This was a time before boys and before Roger Daltry of the Who snuck his way into my sleeping thoughts. I love the smell of oats, and on very cold days, I used to pour warm molasses over oats and feed the mash to horses in the morning. And they came running.

Observing - I enjoy taking in my surroundings, listening to what is going on around me, watching changes over time in nature and people. I enjoy being quiet and being part of the scene only by my presence and taking it in.

Ocean - Although I'm not a beach person and much prefer a river to the beach any day, there is something about the ocean itself. Obviously it's powerful, sustains life, and is very seductive, but when it reflects the moon on a dark night, it's one of the loveliest sites in my world.

October - October is a quiet and reflective month for me. The air is crisp with change, Fall has arrived and the whole of nature seems to be readying for slumber. It's a pause between summer and the holidays and I like pauses.

Oaxaca - I am lucky enough to have traveled to all the states in Mexico and Oaxaca is hands down my favorite one. From its cuisine to its history (over 60 indigenous languages in the state), from its mountain ranges to its zocolos, Oaxaca is one beautiful place, filled with rugged flavors and people and a mountainous coastline with miles upon miles of empty beaches to stroll.

O.P.I. - Yes, fingernail polish. Not only is it good fingernail polish (a smooth finish that stays on without chipping or flaking) but O.P.I. offers a wide range of colors and adds to that range regularly with new collections. What makes O.P.I. a favorite though is the polish names. Oh they are clever at that company. Take, for instance, their new French collection with names like Louvre Me Louvre Me Not, You Don't Know Jacques!, Bastille My Heart, and A Oui Bit of Red. Names that don't reveal much about the color, mind you, be clever, oh so clever.

Olive trees - I enjoy the flavor of olive oils and of olives, but I'd never seen the trees until I went to Italy and Croatia a couple summers ago. Lovely and green, and field after field of the branches that are an ancient symbol of peace. What's not to love about this perfect tree?

Outdoors - Give me the grass and the trees and a river or a stream. Give me the sunshine or the rain. Give me the wind. With these things, I am happy.

Optimism - I'm a glass is half full kind of girl. I'm able to find the positive in most things because I believe in the positive. I'm a believer in hope and there's always something positive to find, even if you have to change where you stand or how you see, it's there.

Do you want to play the game? Are you up to a challenge? It's fun and it's a nice exercise to count ten things you enjoy and take a moment to explain why. Leave a note for me in the comments and I'll select a letter for you and assign that to you, also in the comments.


Anonymous said...

You did a great job with "O"

I'll take a kind.

CreekHiker said...

Great job on O... I had never seen olive trees either, until I moved here. They line my street and I'm fascinated by them!

I'm game but will be out of town for a few days...

Duly Inspired said...

SDHB - You, my friend, get the letter C. Enjoy!

CreekHiker - I'm giving you the letter A.

I look forward to what you write!

ghost said...

hit me.

Duly Inspired said...
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CreekHiker said...

I think I went a bit overboard on the A...

Duly Inspired said...

Ghost, you get the letter G. Because my friend has always read you name as G-host. And I just think that's funny. So... G it is.

ghost said...

g it is.

you forgot the big O. or is that the obvious one?

Anonymous said...

Here I go:

Children- as cliche as it sounds, my children really enhance my life, and make all of the things I do that much more fun. It also helps that my kids are two of the funniest people I've met. I hope they stay that way.

Colorado- I had been to Colorado twice for weddings years ago, but those trips didn't give me the chance to see much of what the state has to offer. The trip Brian and I took in 2007 with the boys, we drove over a thousand miles through the state, and visited national parks and tons of very interesting places as a family. I loved that trip, and have dreams of retiring there, except that I don't like the cold or the snow all that much, and its away from a large percent of our families. Other than that, I'm there in a second!

Cleveland trip- last year, I took my dad to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Museum, as a surprise gift for his 60th birthday. It was a great trip, and even though it was ass-biting cold, I had a great time.

Cakes, Cookies, Candy- had to lump these together, as they all bring me equal happiness. I love to bake and make them, and love to devour them even more. There's nothing they can't cure (except maybe weight gain).

Cowboy Boots- I got my first pair of cowboy boots with my friend Alison while I lived in Houston about 15 years ago. I got my second pair during a trip to Houston to visit Alison for the rodeo recently. I love to wear them, and I don't care if they are "in" or not.

Camera- I have become the family chronicler, and I've been using our point-n-shoot digital camera to shoot still pictures and video for several years now. For Christmas, Brian surprised me with a new Canon D-SLR camera that I don't even really understand how to use just yet. I know I need to just pick it up and get out and snap away, but finding the time for something like that is scarce. But I'm trying. I really do love it, and I love sharing what we are up to with far-flung family and friends. I love to keep in touch that way.

Castles- I don't know why, but I love castles. When Brian and I were traveling around England before we got married, my favorite stop was Warwick Castle, north of London. I could have spent all day there. When we made a trip to Munich recently, the highlight of that trip was Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. Again, could have spent all day there.

Convertibles- they are just so cool. My dad had a convertible MG when I was quite young, and it was just so much fun to drive around in it. A high school boyfriend had a BMW 325is that was also a ton of fun to drive around in. Someday I hope to own a convertible myself. Most likely once the last kid is done college. Plenty of time to pick out the best one, I figure.

Church- I've never been all that "church-y"; as a matter of fact, during my Sunday School years, I felt like the special needs kid that didn't know all that much that one day a week. But after Casey was baptized at the church I grew up in (and was married in), I felt the need to find a home church where I live. I found a most amazing Lutheran congregation, that has a ton of kids in it, and a very strong youth presence. Through the years, I've been volunteering for more (Lay Reader, Assisting Minister), and I'm really looking forward to our years with the kids in the youth group programs. Sometimes on Sundays, being in church is exactly what I need to be "recharged" for the week, or the best place for me to sort out whatever is weighing heavy on my mind.

Caramel- put it in a cookie, a candy, brownie, on ice cream, or just out of the jar or wrapper, and I will enjoy it. I will also debate you on how to pronounce it (2 syllables, if you please).

Feel free to comment/make fun of any or all. I had fun with this- thanks!