Monday, January 11, 2010

Be Kind

Last Monday, I posted about the ABC's of  Life, beginning with the letter A, Accept Differences.  I put accepting differences up front in my mind and kept it there as I went about my life last week.  It helped me, to purposefully consider our differences when I internally questioned something I saw or heard that I did not understand or agree with.  It helped me to consider, just to consider, that I might not know the whole story in that person's life before that moment that I was about to form an opinion. Doing so gave me pause to think before reacting, whether that reaction was action, words or opinion.  Doing so kept me open and appreciative rather than opinionated or close-minded. 

This week's credo is from the letter B. Be Kind.  Kindness is wonderful. It can be a tiny thing or an enormous gesture.  Either way, it doesn't have to cost a dime!  Wear a smile, share a laugh, hold the door open for a stranger, forgo that parking spot you're gunning for, wave someone in front of you in traffic. Listen, forgive, let it slide.  Donate, volunteer, take your time.  Kindness is limitless. It's not about getting credit, quite the opposite really, but the feel-good return is almost immediate.  This week I'm going to give it with verve.

The act of kindness shouldn't be reserved for others only; in fact, I think it's important to be kind to yourself.  With that in mind, I bought myself some bright yellow flowers this morning, and they are right now like a big yellow smile in my window.


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