Monday, January 18, 2010

Football Sunday

Here's a secret about me.  I've always been uncomforable when it comes to entertaining people in my home.  I've been nervous about what food to serve, what drinks to serve, what I will do if the guests do not leave.  I'm good with one person, but more than one becomes a party and I'm just nervous to be at the head of that party.  It's a mystery really, how I could feel this way, because I grew up around parties.  My parents were fabulous party hosts and they threw parties, big parties, more than 100 people in their house kind of parties.  And they did so seamlessly. Somehow, my little apple didn't fall close to their tree when it comes to this particular thing.

But lately something weird has happened to me. A budding hostess has appeared inside me and she wants to get out. I invited a friend over for dinner last week and I cooked and set a nice table and we had a good meal and good evening.  Empowered by that success, I decided to invite some friends and family over on Sunday to watch the Vikings and Cowboys game. And I decided to make a chicken and white bean chili dish that I'd never made before.  No worries.

Everyone knew ahead of time who I was rooting for, but just in case it slipped their mind, I had these as well.


I had five people in my house. Five.  At one time.  Five people, not including me.  I didn't break out into a sweat once.  In fact, I had a blast!


This is my friend Pam. She's chopping eggs and onions because she brought caviar. Don't you just love a friend who brings caviar to your house?  To watch a football game.  I do.


Pam is a big Dallas fan and I accept that character flaw.  But still I have to show you what she looked like when the Cowboys missed that kick (the first time).


My friend Dee had balked when I told her about the white bean chili I planned to serve. She didn't think chili was a chicken dish and she couldn't believe I was putting beans in chili.  She changed her mind when she had this chili though.  That was my second highlight of the day, the first of course being the Vikings win.


I enjoyed having my friends and my niece and nephew over yesterday.  I enjoyed cooking for them and I enjoyed spending the afternoon with them in my home. I don't know when I'm going to have my next party, but with this one under my belt, I'm already looking forward to it.

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Soulful said...

The party was a blast and you were the perfect hostess - beans and all.