Tuesday, January 26, 2010

D is for Dream

It's week four of my 26-week focus on the ABCs of life according to a plaque a good friend gave to me.

This week's letter is D and the credo is the verb Dream.  I'm going to fall short on this one because I don't have a full grasp of the definition of the word dream.  I don't really dream. Oh, I have dreams, the subconscious type of dreams that enter into my sleep. However, I'm fairly sure that the letter D in the ABCs of life is not telling me to have a good night's rest and dream away.  But I don't really DREAM, the out loud, waking hours, type of dreaming.  Having said that, I do believe that envisioning positive things in your life beckons them to take place.  Is that dreaming, envisioning?  I don't know. I believe in positive thinking, in setting goals and working towards them.  Is that dreaming?  If you believe that to dream is to have aspiration or a goal, then yes, that is dreaming.

After reading the above paragraph, I have to step back a minute.  Maybe I do dream, but call it by a different name.  If dreaming is conjuring an image, a goal, and envisioning myself there, then, okay, I dream.  Still, I'm not sure why Dream is on this plaque.  Is it to remind us that we can change our lives for the better though envisioning where we want to be?  I do not know. 

Because I'm not exactly sure of this one, I'm going to approach it a bit differently than in the past weeks. Rather than take this one out into the world, as I did with Be kind or Accept differences, I'm going to take a look around my own world, around my life, and assess what needs to change or what I want to change, and I'm going to envision that differently.  From that vision, I might be able to come up with a way to get myself from here to there.  If I don't see the goal, how can I possibly find my way to the change? 

Yes, dream!



Cheekey said...

Envisioning...dreaming. I'm convinced they are the same so definitely, definitely you dream (which is a very good thing).

Kelly said...

You are the biggest dreamer of ALL! You know what it means!