Tuesday, January 19, 2010

C is for Count your blessings

A couple weeks ago, I started down the alphabet of the ABCs of life.  This week, I'm on the letter C and that is for Count your blessings.  That's an easy one for me because I consider my blessings often.  From being blessed with two wonderful parents and a solid household, to being given a college education that set me on a career path I enjoyed, to being let go from that company and setting out on a wonderful journey of discovery this past year, I do feel blessed.  I have my health, I have some wonderful friends, I have a roof over my head and I have a lovely dog with a personality that keeps me amused.  That's to name a few. 

I think it's a good exercise to consider our blessings, especially when it seems that things aren't quite going our way, or when life is a bit more challenging than normal. Recalling the blessings we do have helps us to gain a balanced perspective.  I'll be counting my blessings, great and small, all this week, starting with the simple ability to get outside and walk Cheyenne at the beginning of this beautiful day.

It's a sure way to feel wonderful, when you take stock of the blessings you have been given.

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Soulful said...

I like this weeks letter. Thanks for the reminder.