Thursday, January 21, 2010

Love Thursday: Morning walks

One of the websites that I read daily, Chookooloonks, provides me with a steady stream of inspiration.  The woman behind the website, Karen Walrond, uses her writing and photography skills to express her wondefully positive ideas and musings.  A while ago, she started what she calls Love Thursday, encouraging other bloggers to write about Love on Thursdays and to link their stories in the comments section of her website.  I think that's a fabulous idea and I look forward to Thursdays with that focus in mind, to what I'll discover in the name of love.

Today is about the love I feel on my morning walks.  My heart explodes with hope and my mind focuses on promise in the mornings.  I love to discover the day's beginnings during my morning walk.  Every morning is different, different light, different sounds, different moisture. 

I love the way the sun rays beautify a spot of overgrowth and weeds.


I love to discover a vase in a window, a potted plant on a patio.  I love a red door.


I love to walk along side the repeating curves of an iron fence.


I love discovering new life blooming around me...


... and old life still vibrant with color


... and the pop of a green rose bush against the dull brown of a fence.


I love the texture of a bare and wild Wysteria vine.


There's so much to discover each morning.  I love beginning my day with the journey of finding such beauty.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, as always.

Anonymous said...

stunning images