Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back then

Photo Challenge Day 31 - You, again

I'm sitting here in my flannel pjs. My hair is a mess. There is no way I'm taking a self-portrait. But look! I took a picture of a picture. My hair is also a mess in this picture. This has been a lifelong theme apparently. The man who took this photo is the man who inspired my interest in photography. He was a neighbor and  family friend. It seemed he always had a camera in his hands and I cherish the photos I have that he took, photos of my parents, of my pony and yes, even this photo of me. This photo perfectly captures my childhood. All adventure, not a care in the world. And no interest whatsoever in brushing my hair.

003 by groth.alison

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Linda@VS said...

What a great photo! My favorite childhood photo of my older daughter is one much like this. I had sent her off with her hair all curled in preparation for school pictures, but the pictures were taken AFTER recess. Her picture from that day shows her with a missing tooth and stringy hair hanging in every direction. Of all her school pictures, that one is my favorite. I love how the photo you posted all day portrays your spirit.