Sunday, January 27, 2013


Today is about my mother. I miss her so much, so much that when I think about it, when I think about what I am feeling, like right now, it's hard to breathe.

Today is the day my Mom died five years ago. I knew she would die, some day. Of course. That thought was the stuff of many nightmares in my young life. What I didn't think about and didn't know was what life would be like without her. What I would do without answers to my questions, unconditional parental love, the shoulder of support, the advice giving comfort known as Mom. Without her hugs.

I simply never thought of life beyond my Mom. I miss her voice. I miss her perfume. I miss her stubborn streak and her sense of adventure. I miss her belief that nothing was impossible. I miss her celebration and her laughter, her wonderful laughter.

I miss her love. 

I miss her presence even as her absence gains familiarity.

p.s. Today's photo challenge is "Lunch." I don't eat lunch on Sundays. I eat a late breakfast and much later in the day I'll have dinner. No photo today.


Linda@VS said...

Those five years have flown by so fast. It seems such a short time ago that you wrote so compellingly about your mom's illness and then her death. I understand how much you miss her, and I'm glad you remember her in such vivid detail. You know her so well. You probably already know what she would do or say, so if there are times when you especially need her comfort or support, think about what she would tell you. In that way she'll always be with you.

ghost said...

i cannot believe it's been five years already.

im praying for peace for you, my friend.