Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A morning gift

Photo Challenge Day 30 - Nature

I know that some people struggle with Gardenias, the leaves get overtaken by aphids or the buds fall off before blooming. I know they like sunny days and acidic, well draining soil. I've read on some websites that the plants should be pruned regularly and even be protected from the drying wind. 

When I moved into this house, I removed some shrubs along the fence and transplanted two Gardenias I had in big pots on my old patio. I didn't give two thoughts to the soil acidity and I never prune them. Those plants have thrived. In the summer they produce hundreds of flowers and the yard smells heavenly. In fact, the plants bloom regularly. Last night a cold front blew in on the back of one heck of a rain storm with high winds and big raindrops blowing almost sideways. This morning? Two beautiful blooms.

Mother Nature is best left to her own when it comes to these two plants. I think my role is simply to notice and appreciate.

005 by groth.alison

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Linda@VS said...

Lovely! I have one gardenia bush, and it behaves the way you say yours do--with no interference from me. Levi pruned mine once by swinging repeatedly from its branches, and it came back beautifully. I'll soon have to prune it myself for the first time; if it grows any taller it might push the tin roof off the garden shed.