Friday, August 05, 2005

A bouquet of daisies

It's no secret - because I've been writing it down and putting it out there for the world to see - that I've been, say, pensive and sad lately.

But that doesn't make me closed to the joys that are around me, or the gifts given me.

Yesterday I had a BIG SURPRISE that presented itself in the most common sort of way: in person. At work, staring at my computer screen and tapping away on a report I've been in such complete denial about that I'll be working on over the weekend, I hear Working hard or hardly working?

I can't believe that voice is in my ears. I turn to see him standing in my office door. I can't believe he is here! I fly from my chair and wrap my arms around him in a hug of happiness that now reminds me of a child hugging a puppy.

My ex office neighbor, my old colleague, my favorite pen pal, my friend. The only one in the world who will talk for 30 minutes with me about the color of a sunset, or the sound of a morning. Here he is, paying me a surprise visit.

We chat fishing and sunrises. We chat photos and vacations we've recently been on. We chat about his sons. One's his buddy, the other his mirror. We worked together when these little guys were born. He shared his concerns then on the enormity of the role of Father.

I want to tell him that I believe he has become the father that he always wanted his father to be. I'm proud of him, and happy for him. I also want to thank him for stopping by my office. It's a gift that lifted my spirits all the way through yesterday and into today.


Thomas said...

How can I help cheer you up?

Sass said...

Sounds like a well needed fabulous surprise. Yeah!