Sunday, August 21, 2005

The w is for work, not wait

All things come to those who wait. That’s not a new sentence, certainly not a new thought. Or teaching. Or sermon. Though it is something I think only true to a degree. I understand the patience aspect but I don’t understand the sit back and do nothing picture that somehow “wait” paints. As if we have no say in the matter.

I don’t understand this because I recognize it. And I recognize it in myself. And I don't particularly like it. There are certain pieces of my life that I’ve not pulled into the present, and certainly not lived forward. I’ve held onto the past so much so that at times I’ve pitched my tent and stayed a while. Stayed too long.

It makes much more sense that things come to those who prepare for them and work toward having them. It’s like waiting for happiness to run you down and force itself upon you. Doesn’t happen. I think you have to push up happiness through all those day-to-day things in your life that would otherwise be content to keep it down, keep it from flowing. I think that even happiness has to have a little nudge now and then. And even an invitation.

I woke up this morning from what seemed like an entire night of dreams that I could remember. Dreams that were comforting and all over the place. My first thought while Cheyenne was dancing around the bed with excitement and face licking was how happy I was. And how good that felt. Before getting out of bed, I decided to encourage it and keep company with it. I’m taking my own happiness by the hand and I’m walking with it. I’m learning about it and blessing it. Because I’ve found that I have waited long enough.

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