Thursday, August 18, 2005


CNN/Money has published their review of the HUMMER H3. The writer is of the opinion that the new H3 is the "best looking Hummer yet." Excuse me? I say that since best is superlative, then one other would have to at least be pleasant looking. Where is that one?

The reviewer also says that the H3 has "ultra-truck-like ride and handling." What does that mean exactly? To me, that says as bumpy and uncomfortable as all get out. Don't get me wrong, I like trucks. I grew up with trucks, having ridden in many a cab while hauling horses around the country during summers spent on the show circuit. But I like them for their purpose, not for the ego extending, machismo crap. Ultra-truck-like? Is that like ultra suede?

Something else in the review I found more than a bit discomforting: "Visibility, especially out the side and back, is sacrificed for the sake of the tiny-windowed armored-truck look."

I think that speaks for itself.

I know this is just one woman's personal battle with the Hummers -- it's laughable how worked up I get over those things. I also know that one of the best phone calls I received last year was when my friend called from her cell phone to tell me that she'd just passed a Hummer on the side of the road and a couple hundred yards past that was a guy walking towards it with a gas can in his hand. (!!!!) The only thing that would have made it better would have been if she'd had a camera with her. Still though, just thinking about it brings a broad smile to my face.

Oh, back to that review. The last sentence says that the new Hummer is designed for true Hummer fans. If that is true, then I say that the H3 is sure to get the blood boiling of true Hummer foes. Trust me.


ghost said...

gods, i hate hummers. i saw one not so long ago that looked like it could take a direct hit from an abrahms tank. and it was hauling behind it...get this...a single solitary jet ski. a two person jet ski. wtf?

tinyhands said...

Ever try to take a right-turn with a Hummer to your immediate left? Can't be done.

Duly Inspired said...

No. Because if I'm that close, I put my car in park, step out and start pacing. You know, my own little picket line w/ me chanting and raising my fist.