Wednesday, August 24, 2005

An early gift

There are many mornings when everything in the world shines. I usually do not find that in August. August is slow and lazy and full of a thick heat in the air that is stifling. August has a pulse that slows my own. But this morning was different. This morning, the air was a bit cooler than normal, giving the slightest hint to fall. I was out before the sun rose, so of course that's the night air, but it was enough to inspire me and put a lift in my step. Currents in the air stirred a fragrant scent around me. Seeing the dawning and growing light in the sky stirred my imagination and stretched my awareness of the very simple beauty around me. It was a joy, both a quiet moment and a high point, an amazing way to start this August day.

1 comment:

Sass said...

One word: BEAUTIFUL!

Your description allowed me to experience it.

I really like the new look - those eyers. So captivating. One of these days, you'll show us yours.