Tuesday, October 25, 2005


  • Yes, my father was upset about the incident. It was only later that he would tell the story with any sprinkling of humor (though he never did stop shaking his head when he told it).
  • Yes, I was in a lot of trouble. For months and months.
  • Yes, I did get a new car. Well, sort of. My father bought my brother's station wagon and that was my car for two very long years.
  • I believe my Mom's words were: You spoil her rotten, Ed. For all I care, she can walk wherever she needs to get to from now on.
  • She had a point.
  • Yes, I sincerely thanked him.
  • And then I slapped an Adam & the Ants bumper sticker on the back window of that silver bullet, and drove it all the way back to Lubbock, Texas, where only the tumble weeds catch fire, and there's no such thing as flooding.

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Anonymous said...

oh, yeaaaaahhhh!

Love, Qua-Qua...:-)