Monday, October 24, 2005

In the mirror

I've read that we can fail many times, but we do not really fail until we stop trying. Once we fail, there's a tendency to think we can do nothing right. We lose trust in ourselves. We condition ourselves to fail when we relive in detail over and over what happened. I think that we set the downward path in stone when we focus too much on the mistakes and not on the future. We can change by saying that we're going to change. We can change by saying that we have changed and then acting on what we've said. Speak the words inward and start to make the difference in your life. And stop looking outward for sympathy. It's not an impossible path. Doing nothing at all and expecting a change is where the real impossibility can be found.

I have a few friends who will read this and think it's about a certain other friend. It's not. The lesson is mine.

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