Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm not at all sure which I want to do: scream or cry

The divorce papers are not signed yet. In fact, I'm not sure if they've even been completely drawn up yet. And while she has every reason to want to put a thousand miles and a hundred years between herself and the marriage, I was still thrown when yet another male voice answered her phone this morning.

New Guy: Hello?

Me [surprised at the new voice on the phone]: Um, uh... Hi, this is Alison, is Marianne there?

New Guy: Who?

Me [rolling my eyes because I hate being here]: Alison, her sister.

New Guy: Yeah, she is. But we're about to go to the store.

Me: Well, since you haven't left yet, may I speak with her?

This new guy screening her calls has my little sister blood boiling. She, on the other hand, is completely charmed by it. She gets on the phone and asks what I think of him.

Not much.

I tell her I need some information from her for our father's estate and tax purposes. I ask her the year of her birthday. She says, October 23rd. I tell her I need the year. She gives her age. I ask her Social Security Number. She gives her birthday. I say, no, that's your birthday. She tells me that's all she has. She's had only one job that I can recall and they paid her cash so there's a very real possibility that she does not have a Social Security Number. I ask about that job, if she had to provide one. She says it was a long time ago and, if she did, she wouldn't still have it. I tell her that the number lasts a lifetime. She says, Oh.

I realize that we have to step way back here, and I hold on to my patience because I do not want to get angry or short with her, do not want to reveal that I'm getting frustrated. That would hurt her and I won't have that.

As I start to explain what a Social Security Number is, New Guy mumbles something in the background, something along the lines of asking what I want. She explains it to him. He tells her to ask me why I want it. She asks. I explain again that the Trust Company handling our father's estate is asking the information, and then add that they have a check for her. She tells new guy this and, predictably, he tells her that she needs to look for her Social Security Number.

She says to him, It's October 23rd.


Jeff Milner said...

Hilarious - you know if it weren't so sad. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Don't cry, you have done that too many times over her.....