Thursday, October 27, 2005

And later you can use it as compost

I have a friend who sometimes leaves messages on my cell phone that tickle me to no end. It's a toss-up whether my favorite is the one about the guy who was walking down the freeway, gas can in hand, his Hummer stranded on the side of the road, or the one where her wine rack collapsed and the message she was leaving took a sharp turn to her suddenly screaming, and the bottles crashing, and then the cursing and cleaning up.

Just yesterday afternoon, she left me another gem. This one short and simple. Less humor, more magic.

Hey, it's me. I wanted to call you and tell you what just happened. I'm stuck in traffic, sitting here at the intersection, and a single rose petal just blew in through my window. One rose petal. Maybe it's good luck? I figured you're the only one I can call and tell because you're into stuff like this.

Yeah, yeah I am. In all the tangle and harshness of buildings and freeways and tempers stuck in traffic, a single rose petal manages to catch a ride on a breeze, float through her open window and land itself in her car.

I just think that's very cool.

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Leesa said...

I think that is very cool too :) I would take it as some kind of sign too.