Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The big two for 2011


This picture is where the bike path on my street splits for a couple blocks.  I shot the photo this morning while walking Cheyenne because it reminded me of what we face every single day:  decisions.  This way or that way?  Yes or No?  Maybe? Further, it reminded me of where those decisions lead us.  Are they good decisions, will we benefit from them or at least do no harm with them?  Thankfully, many of our daily decisions are automatic.  I know, for instance, the right-left-right drive to the grocery store.  I know to stop at the stop sign.  I suppose I could made a decision to not do so, but that's a risk I don't want to take and a law I don't want to break.  I don't really think these decisions, they are simply choices I make automatically.

Sometimes though, I do not think through my choice options before making larger decisions, ones that will affect my life in the short and/or long term, ones I need to take time to before making.  This stems from something so very close to my core that it's hard to separate from who I am.  I do not like to say No.  If you need something from me, I'm going to try my hardest to give it to you.  It barely passes through my mind; instead, I go immediately into action mode, of how I can deliver what it is you need.  Sometimes I do this even when I cannot or I should not, even when it will hurt me in the long run. 

What I've learned about this behavior is beyond the basic of not giving what you don't have.  What I've learned is that I cannot do or give or answer or provide in any way that is going to be harmful to me.  I simply cannot.  Well, I can, but I'm asking myself in this new year to not.  I'm asking myself this new year, to learn to say No when that answer is the one that is the better decision.

My other resolution for this year?  It is to stop a selfish and very dangerous habit I have developed over the past couple of years, which is texting while driving.  Yes, I have done that and I admit I have done that often and on many roads at many speeds of traveling on those roads. Nothing has been so important that I have needed to risk your life or mine.  Nothing.  And so I have stopped.  This resolution was an easy and obvious one, if not long overdue.  I'm thankful that I made this decision on my own, before it was made for me through regret.

Two resolutions for the new year, two decisions that I believe are good ones, are ones that put me on the correct path in my life.


Linda@VS said...

Those are two good resolutions, Alison. It gave me goosebumps (in a scary way) to think about you texting while driving.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Darn good ones! I'm in favor of cell phones being unusable except to call 911 while moving!

That pic reminds me of some old country song...Left or right at main street? The singer debates taking the turn to go home to his life or just turn another way and keep going...

shellyg said...

Bravo on both resolutions!
The first, sounds similar to mine,..
this year I vow to not sacrifice my own happiness, by making decisions simply to please others.
We must put ourselves and our own happiness first, because if we don't, then we suffer, and those around us (our loved ones) will suffer too.
I will remind you occasionally through out the year, if you try to do the same for me...

Donna said...

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