Friday, January 14, 2011

Breaking News!

Although this is the warmest of the cold mornings we've seen this week, Cheyenne chose this morning to jump from the couch, walk to her bed by the fireplace and curl up there.  As if she hasn't avoided fires in the fireplace her entire life.  As if she didn't almost catch her tail on fire last week. As if that bed wasn't placed there by me not because I knew she'd love the spot but because I didn't know where else to put it.

Of course I grabbed my camera to record this momentous event.


But then I told her what a good girl she was, What a GOOD GIRL YOU ARE, and stood up for a better photo angle and I guess that was sort of like pointing out to a child riding her bike alone for the first time, Oh my gosh, you're doing it, YOU'RE DOING IT, and your excitement completely derails her efforts and she wipes out.  That wipe out?  That's your fault, because you just HAD to bring it to her attention, didn't you?  I think the crazed look in Cheyenne's eyes in the next photo illustrates my point.


After that, she stood up and left her warm spot by the fire for a cold spot on the wood floor. Perhaps because she quickly learned that when she's resting on the cold floor her mom doesn't act like a nut job by grabbing the camera and telling her what a good girl she is for doing... nothing. But I can honestly say that I have finally experienced the cold winter morning Labrador resting by the fireplace Orvis catalog moment.

And it was lovely!


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Oh, dogs and children do love to make liars out of us! good thing for the camera!

shellypaige (formerly shellyg) said...

Thank you for sharing in the wonderful way that you do. I laughed out loud this morning as I read this story. Great medicine for my soul.

ghost said...

my kids do this to me all the time. ive learned to be more ninja like in my observing their antics.

Linda@VS said...

I'm glad Cheyenne gave you at least one chance to see her in the fireside scenario. Your child-on-a-bike analogy fits this situation perfectly. Funny!