Friday, January 07, 2011

The hazards of being my model

I tried to get Cheyenne to pose by the fire but that didn't go very well because she is cautious of the fireplace.  To further complicate things, when I was asking her to sit and she was preferring not to, her tail slipped through the screen and while it didn't get burned, my completely freaked-out reaction likely forever secured her misgivings of the fire in the wall.

We're heading to the cabin this weekend and I'm sure that the expanse of grass and trees and scents to explore will more than make up for the craziness of this morning's photo session.


Have a great weekend, and avoid the hazards.


Network Geek said...

Never work with kids or animals. They always say that. I always seem to be taking pictures of both.

Hope Cheyenne cooperates the next time you try for the fireside photo session. ^_^

Linda@VS said...

Who needs the fireplace anyway when she looks so beautiful on this colorful rug?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

So funny. Mabel is cautious of the fire but LOVES it. On a cold night, she will go curl up by the cold fireplace as if to say... "Mooooom? Can't we have a fire?" She doesn't like when it moves but she loves a good nap by the fire.

Poor Cheyenne is gonna start demanding hazard pay!

ghost said...

same thing happened last time someone tried to get me to pose for a picture. there was fire involved.